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Purchase Order Automation

Stop chasing down your suppliers for acknowledgements, lead-time updates, or shipment information.


Acknowledgement Requests that suppliers love

No need to train your suppliers how to use a separate vendor portal, or remind them to log in to a new technology. Our smart digital POs are embedded right in their inboxes - so if your suppliers know how to use email, they know how to use Leverage.

AI-powered Document Parsing

Do your suppliers acknowledge Purchase Orders, or provide updates today by emailing you their PDFs or Excel? No problem. With our AI-based document parsing, we’ll auto-process your acknowledgments so you can keep your ERP up to date without ever having to read a PDF again.


Open Order Reports - on auto pilot

Automate regular open order reports in a pre-set digest for your suppliers to continue to update leads times throughout the PO lifecycle.

Your team will receive prompt notifications as changes in promise dates, costs, or quantity occurs.

Exception Management to stay on top of changes

Your buyers will have real-time notifications and an easy dashboard to review all exceptions and requested changes by suppliers to easily accept or reject them as they arise.

As you accept changes, your ERP is auto-updated with the new data, and suppliers are kept informed.


Customizable Cadence

Our automated supplier reminders to input acknowledgments, lead time updates, and ASNs can be configured by supplier, item, or even PO priority, so you can rest assured that you have full coverage and are top of mind for any type of vendor.

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