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Visibly Advancing the Global Supply Chain

Only Leverage delivers the pro-active workflows that modern supply chain teams require to enable their business growth and trajectory.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build long-term supply chain sustainability through end-to-end visibility across the entire lifecycle to include planning, bill of materials, purchase orders, shipments, inventory, and everything in between.

Our Story

Nadav Ullman and Andrew Stroup started Leverage after decades of solving supply chain issues on a global scale including for the White House, General Motors and Bank of America. In 2020 they had first hand experience of the supply chain breaking down when they founded the 501(c)3 non-profit Project N95 - the national clearinghouse for medical equipment in the United States.

With Leverage, they set out to build long-term supply chain sustainability through end-to-end visibility across purchase orders, shipments, and inventory across a wide number of industry verticals.

  • Mark Cuban Companies
  • Las Olas
  • Social Impact Capital
  • Remarkable Ventures
  • Plug And Play
  • Alpine Meridian Ventures
  • Great Oaks Venture Capital
  • Tensility
  • Hyphen Capital
  • Chicago Ventures

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