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Automated Purchase Order Management for Biotechnology Companies

Leverage provides unprecedented visibility into your supply chain by automating supplier follow-ups for buyers, increasing supplier engagement, and providing your teams with the real-time data you need to manage and mitigate delays as they arise - right in your ERP.

Stop Chasing your Biotech Suppliers

  • Email-based smart POs. Smart digital POs are sent right in supplier inboxes.

  • AI Document Parsing. Auto-process your acknowledgements so you can keep your ERP up to date without ever having to read a PDF again.

  • Customizable Cadences. Automated supplier reminders so you can rest assured that you have full coverage and are top of mind for any type of vendor.  
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Leverage saves each of our buyers at least 50% of their time every week, and we were able to reduce our planned headcount.

Steve Andrews

Director, Systems Control

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We’re now able to keep our customers happier because we can finally now answer their questions about where there stuff is.

Erin Purvis

Supply Chain, Blu Dot

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Leverage is a total game-changer for us. I can’t believe we managed our supply chain without this level of visibility before.

Eric Swope

COO, Buckle Down

Download the Biotech Case Study

Learn how Biotech companies use Leverage as a control tower for their supply chain management to drive on-time, in-full, at-cost, and on-quality performance.